The Love for the German Shepherd . . . . .

….resulted in breeding German Shepherd dogs on our Farm in Smithers, BC.  Our dogs are healthy, strong, straight and sound.  We strive not to breed over angulated or genetically weak dogs.

Our dogs are members of our family.  They come from working lines, that are easily trained to be obedient and able to work whatever task you give them.  

After much consideration and many requests for offspring from our dogs we have decided to breed our first litter.

The breeding resulted in 7 beautiful puppies: 1 female and 6 males, all of them very trainable and each with its own character and features.  All of them will make excellent Companion and Working Dogs, providing that they be raised and trained according to their needs (Please look on GSD Breed & History)

The German Shepherd Dog is a WORKING dog.  Socialization is an absolute necessaity, and starts on day ONE.

ALL training should be motivational and Basic Obedience & Companion Dog is highly recommended.

Absolute minimum are Obendience Classes.

There are many other training options available for this amazing Breed.

A German Shepherd tends to claim one person and be the companion of this person, while this is his/her main focus, they will still be obedient to the rest of their family.

“Because, unfortunately, he was not trained in his youth, he was, if left to his own devices, the worst of mischief-makers, the wildest of fighters, and an intractable nuisance.  His faults were the faults of his education, not of his nature.  He suffered from underutilization of his great need for activity, for if someone worked wiht him, he was blisssfully happy and the most obedient of dogs”…….Max von Stephanitz

The German Shepherd dog originally came from Germany, where it was used as a herding dog for shepherds.  A miliary officer in the German calvary thought that these sturdy intelligent herding farm dogs could be refined through breeding to make an ideal military dog.  Through strict selective breeding, he intensified the best characteristics of the dog.  The end result of his careful breeding was a versatile highly intelligent herding dog with a stable affable personality that was also capable of  intense loyalty to it’s handler.  In 1899 the German Shepher Dog Club was formed in Germany.

The German Shepherd dog is visibly proving its value and versatility in many different areas such as home companion and family pet, assistance (dogs such as see and eye dog, to fetch and carry for person who is physically challenged, to indicate on sound for a deaf person watch dog), search and rescue, military and police work.  It is the thrid most popular dog in Canada and has been in the top ten in the USA since 1948.

The ideal German Shepherd Dog can be black, black & tan, black & red or sable.  The breed is agile, loyal, naturally protective and excellent with children if raised properly.  This dog can withstand most weather conditions with moderate shelter.  They should be groomed twice weekly and walked daily or allowed to run free in an enclosed back yard with their owner.

The German Shepherd dog is a working breed and therefore is highly intelligent.  This means they must be given adequate attention and taught obedience or many of their good qualities could turn into destrictive behaviour (digging, chewing, frustration, biting etc.)

The breed has a distinct personality marked by a directness and fearlessness, but not hostile or aggressive in nature.  This breed is self-confident and has a certain aloofness to strangers, which does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships.  The German Shepherd dog is not one to fawn over every person he meets.

The German Shepherd is a natural protector, but this does not mean he should not be approachable.  The German Shepherd dog should stand quietly by the owner’s side, alert and self-confident.  If the need arises he/she should be ready to serve in any capacity as a companion, watchdog, blind leader, herding dog or guardian, whichever the circumstances may demand.

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